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Here's the debut EP from Burlington, VT's Hunger released by prügelprinz records.

Four people got together and aimed for Burn meets Minor Threat, this is what ended up. Stripped down punk hardcore, members of other Vermont bands: Crucial Times, No Submission, Unrestrained, Regret, Crapitol shitson!

The record includes a reversible cover — one side is for the "Reparations" EP and the other side is for the "Sick" EP. There were 500 copies of this pressed on black vinyl.

Vermont locals UNRESTRAINED are taking a page out of the '90s Hardcore book with a sound comparable to HARVEST, UNDERTOW and INDECISION. Politically and socially motivated lyrics come together with raging and angry Hardcore on this 12", which combines the songs from their split EP and the tracks from their self-released CD. Limited to 300 copies.