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Obacht, das cover ist schwarz/weiss, nicht farbig! lim. to 300 copies.

Coole Complation from back in the days!


A1 Day & Torstell Let It Ride
Written By – Floorpunch
A2 Cheap Thrills Heroes Die First
A3 Lock And Load Life´s Blood
A4 Dean Dirg Punk VS. Punk
A5 Death Is Not Glamorous Assets
A6 True Colors
Focus On The Light
A7 Anchor
B1 Short Fuse
B2 Annotation Never Stop
B3 Black Friday '29 Sinking Ship
B4 Ritual
Stone And Glass
B5 No Turning Back Nothing Changes
B6 Rise And Fall
Forked Tongues

Sect - Sect LP

Sect - Sect LP

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Haben ne Handvoll der ersten SECT LP reinbekommen! Mit Members von Cursed, Left For Dead, Catharsis, Undying, Earth Crisis, The Path Of Resistance, Day Of Suffering, Racetraitor. Intensiver, angepisster Hardcore mit fetter Crust-Kante! Schwarzes Vinyl.